Our offer

Cloud platform for decision making in manufacturing.
As a Service.

Data collection

Gather data from different sources to ease operator job and get maximum precision

Hot analytics

Monitor business events and system events, then take the right actions

On-process notifications

Send messages using multiple channels to business responsibles

Advanced analytics

When happened? Why? Which is the impact ? What's next ? KFactory knows the right answers

Improvement plans

Manage plans to improve performance and compare the results with what was planned

Mobile extensions

Operators, enginners and managers are using mobile apps on smartphones, tablets and smartwatches

Real time performance display

Real time tracking of performance and issues on monitors installed in factory

Support 24/7

Our team is available 24/7 for supporting customers to deliver the continuously improve performance


KFactory facts


Perfomance is critical in any factory

All manufacturers wants to understand current performance, measure it over time and then improve it. One of the common KPIs for measuring performance is overall equipment efficency (OEE)
OEE will help you identify potential losses and understand where your process is having issues. But OEE it's more than just a performance metric, it's the key for continuous improvement strategy.
Managing OEE is only a part of KFactory capabilities. It give insights on operators and orders performance, also on side-processes performance, like maintenance, manage improvement plans, show data inside factory and communicate in real time evolution of production.
With KFactory, managers are having a full view of production process and the ways to improve it.


Technology and team

KFactory is a startup which is using the newest technologies to ensure maximum results for our customers. Getting data over sensors, using streaming tehnologies for data flows and applying artificial intelligence tehniques, allow us to provide the best value for our customers.
Our team is fully dedicated to customers, using its knowledge from almost 20 years in implementation of enterprise business IT solutions. A great feature of KFactory is its business model - as a service, allowing a fast deployment and even a faster ROI. KFactory is ready to integration with known ERPs and other external sources, being easy to fit into customers IT landscape.


Where is fit ?

KFactory is fit for almost all manufaturers: automotive, printing, textile, wood, electrical components, food, plastic and others. Equipments monitored varies from industrial presses, welding machines, conveyors, drilling machines, packaging machines, molding machines and many others. KFactory is flexible - it can integrate variuous types of automations and get data from it.

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